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Our History of Email Marketing

Open Forum Media was built off the back of the years of successful events organised by Open Forum Events, a company that has went from a small start-up to a market leader in three years. The company’s high growth and impressive customer base has been led by a strong email marketing campaign that has accounted for around 56% of income.

Emails marketing, or e-shots, are a simple, effective and affordable form of marketing that can not only generate revenue quickly but can also provide invaluable customer insights.

We have continuously proved the benefits of email marketing and branched out into helping other businesses to succeed with the power of email marketing.

our email marketing history

What Our Email Marketing Packages Provide

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Our digital media team can help design, develop, and deliver a professional email marketing campaign using the latest techniques to showcase your brand, services and the products you offer. Our campaigns have been proven to deliver high volumes of traffic to online services helping to generate leads, sales and new customers. All campaigns that we organise with our clients are analysed in depth with statistics reported back so that you can clearly see the performance of your marketing.

Our team manage and protect all our client and customer data daily to ensure that the information we send is not only safe and secure but is relevant. We provide profiling of customers and market segmentation to make sure your customers are getting the right information and at the right times that suit them best. With our regular data management processes and marketing strategies, we can achieve higher results from the first email through to the last.

Email Marketing Packages

We offer a range of packages to suit the needs of our clients and have been based on historic successful campaigns for organisations large and small.

One-off Email Send

We offer a one-off email send strengthened with a follow-up email to the people who engage with content provided. Here is a breakdown of what we will do for you:

  • Creative Design. Design of the email creative and content advice, receive up to three design revisions for you to choose from.
  • Hand-coded bespoke emails. Our web developers code all our sends from scratch using proven techniques to enhance deliverability and conversion rates.
  • Multi-part sends. This means that our sends offer the user the HTML (all singing, all dancing pretty email) and a text-only version. This allows users that are unable or unwilling to open emails with images downloaded are still able read a text version of your email’s key messages.
  • Google Analytics tracking. We add a campaign name to help you track the results through your analytics account.
  • Reporting. We analyse each email send to gain an understanding of how many opens, click throughs, bounces and unsubscribe requests have been recorded. We can research which records have opened the emails, what hyperlinks have been clicked and when that happened. You will receive a detailed report within five working days of the email send, allowing enough time for all users to open their email.
  • A follow-up email (second send). A second email will be sent to the users who have engaged with the message provided. New content is used in the design template to give you the chance to follow-up with the interested users and convert leads into sales.


Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is the best way to achieve a constant flow of regular new and existing visitors to view your products, services, latest news and posts. Regularly reaching out to your audience helps you keep in touch with your existing customer base and develop new ones. Not every customer buys at the first time of seeing something they are interested in. This is why regularly reaching out to your audience, outlining what you offer and explaining the benefits of your services, can help keep your customers informed of new products and quickly generate sales.

All of our email campaigns contain everything that is included in a one-off email send and we also include:

  • New customer data verified, added and protected.
  • New email designs each month.
  • More sends – total of two email sends per month and an addition follow-up email for those customers engaged with your message.

Want Your Own Email Marketing System?

Our experts can work with you to ensure you are in full control of your very own email system. You can decide how regularly you want to contact customers, when you want to contact them and which markets you are targeting. This package is usually for companies that would like to send large mailing lists on a regular basis. Here is what the package entails:

  • Server purchase and setup operating system setup (Linux).
  • IP addresses for the system.
  • Domain name (1 year included).
  • IMAP or POP emails.
  • Data center installation and management
  • Blacklist management.
  • Email templates.
  • Email platform license.
  • How to use the system guide.
Have you own email marketing system and server

Go ahead and find out how we can help you!