Club Wembley

Year: 2017

Tags: Digital Marketing

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Club Wembley is the section of Wembley stadium that is for Club Wembley members to enjoy some of the greatest sporting and music events of the year. This part of the stadium is a private area that offers added benefits, so that the members can enjoy in style.


Club Wembley were looking for a Media company that could generate more traffic to their current offers and news for the Club Wembley membership. The first email campaign was an instant hit, driving instant membership sales and has lead us into our forth email campaign and still going.


We identified data that would be suited to the product so that we could achieve immediate interest. With our regular data cleansing processes we have managed to maintain a regular readership base for the client with existing and new data.

Our in-house email platform is used send out regular e-shots of the latest events coming up for Club Wembley members and the current packages. We send a html and text version of each mailshot to offer both versions to people who may have email restrictions.

Our systems report back all the statistics from each email send, so that we can analyse the opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces. This allows us to analyse and further improve the performance of each campaign.


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