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Email marketing tips and tricks to help boost traffic and sales

  • Tuesday 06 June 2017

I’m sure everyone reading this article have all received an email marketing a product before, whether you wanted to or not. Email marketing is still one of the leading forms of online marketing and for one very good reason. Because it works!

Here at Open Forum Media we have been using email marketing to help boost brand awareness, traffic and lead generation for us, Open Forum Events and various clients such as Club Wembley, O2, Bangor University and many more. See our work

How to do effective email marketing

Over the years our team have experience various issues that we have overcome to become the experts we are today, and now we are going to share some of our tips and tricks of the trade. Here is our breakdown of tips to create a flourishing email marketing campaign.

Know you subscriber database

There is no point having an all singing all dancing email creative and sending it out to a load of old data that is full of contacts who have moved on, retired, been fired or even died. I have seen client data in the past get an email reply stating that the person they have sent the email to has died. Now sending a life insurance send to that contact would not be well received if their partner is still maintaining their account. So it is vital to cleanse your database with every send that you do. Don’t worry most systems do this automatically. Our in-house systems will immediately remove any records that hard bounce. But even with these processes in place we make sure we manually look over an bounced emails.

Create a clear message and an awesome subject line

You can create the best-looking email with incredibly interesting content, but without an engaging subject line, people won’t open the email to see what you are offering. So, it is vital to spend time creating a few subject lines that you can discuss with your peers or client to see what you agree would work best.

One of the features of our system that we use, is split testing. Split testing allows us to create multiple versions of an email campaign, that we can send out to a percent of the emails and calculate which version is the most successful and send that campaign to the remaining data.

Know your goals

Before creating any email, you should have a clear goal that you intend the email to deliver. This could be more traffic, generate leads or sell products or services. This is where you need to make sure that your message is clear, from the subject line and email content through to the landing page (website) where the users that click on the links will land.

Once a send is complete, you can analyse your results through the system, looking at opens and clicks of your data. You can also monitor progress through Google Analytics, which is a great free tool and a must have for any website.


Email marketing is still a very powerful marketing tool! We have had great internal results and amazing results for our clients. If done correctly you can achieve great results.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and if you would like to enquire about our email marketing services, please email me at:

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